Our energy resources are gradually exhausted due to the enormous human consumption and the rapid industrialization factor in the past few decades. The finding new research directions to produce clean and renewable energy from biomass is a particularly interesting research direction. We are particularly interested in converting biomass products into clean energy forms or chemicals, the basic raw material for manufacturing processes through the laboratory transformation processes. We will focus on the study of ecofriendly, simple and cost- effective catalysts and processes for converting a wide variety of biomass, especially from residual wood, agricultural and industrial residues. Quebec is well known as a land rich in resources, especially biomass, but has not been exploited effectively and thoroughly, the conversion of the biomass to value added products is crucial in the next decades. More specifically, we aim to develop catalyst and processes to transform residual biomass to chemicals, hydrogen, fuels, 2D materials, multifunctional aerogels and hydrogels.