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PhD position – Polymer science
Status: Closed

Position available: 1
Project: Identification, characterization and development of elastomeric composites
Location: UQTR – CIPP pavilion, Trois-Rivières, Quebec Canada
Starting date: January 1, 2022
Summary: A Ph.D. position is available in the lab of Prof. Phuong Nguyen-Tri in the Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics at the University of Trois-Rivieres (UQTR). The Ph.D candidate will participate in a project where the elastomeric part of a specific spacer-damper (used in HV transmission lines) is characterized for durability and degradation against weathering effects such as ozone, humidity and temperature change. The Ph.D. student will fully characterize and identify the aging mechanisms of the current elastomeric compound by using mainly an accelerate aging chamber testing in ozone atmosphere. He/She is also expected to develop a novel formula based on synthetic rubber with higher durability to replace the current elastomer.

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PhD position – Electrocatalysis
Status: Closed

Position available: 0
Project: Conversion of CO2 into valuable chemical feedstocks using electrocatalysis
Location: UQTR – CIPP pavilion, Trois-Rivières, Quebec Canada
Starting date:
May 2022 or September 2022
Summary: We are seeking a PhD student in the field of Materials science with a major interest in electrocatalysis. He/she will participate in our research project in collaboration with Electrocarbon Inc. and National Center in Environment technology and Electrochemistry (CNETE), which is aimed at an efficient CO2 conversion into desired chemicals (e.g., formate salts and formic acid) using the electrocatalytic approach. The principal goals of the candidate are developing practical and stable electrocatalysts to converse CO2 and building an electrosystem that can apply for large-scale production. He/she is also expected to attain first-authored publications in quality journals.

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We are looking talented and motivated undergraduate and graduate students working in development of advanced materials for energy and environment. Please send your CV, cover letter and transcripts to Prof. Phuong, Nguyen-Tri (Email: Both French or/and English speaking students are welcomed.

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