If before, when it comes to fabrics, we immediately think of clothing, protective or decorative materials, but today smart fabrics have played an extremely important role in all manufacturing fields, especially in the field of aviation, automotive, energy and health. With years of experience working in the field of smart fabrics, and recently the founding  a research chair of advanced materials for safety and health at work, we aim to develop  fabrication and testing methods of smart fiber fabrics, mainly used for energy and environment with nanotechnology. We are interested in fabricating antimicrobial and antiviral (including SARS-CoV-2) fibers from simple and ecofriendly and cost effective processes; we incline to study and prepare smart fabrics from products developed by companies in Quebec with simple, green and convenient technologies to hunt for a wide range of high quality antimicrobial fabric products. In the near future, we try manufacturing fabric-based energy collection and generation materials that take advantage of sunlight and apply them to the personal protective devices. More specifically, we aim to develop the following textiles: i) Novel antimicrobial agents for textiles; ii) Highly sensitive biosensors from textiles; iii) Electro-conductive cotton textiles using graphene and iv) Water and oil repellent textiles