The Laboratory of Advanced Materials for Energy and Environment (namely, Nguyen-Tri Lab) was founded in June 2019, at the University of Québec in Trois-Rivières (UQTR), in a dreamy, beautiful city, surrounded by three romantic rivers in Québec province, Canada. Our goal is to create a destination for businesses, industrial partners, researchers and students to collaborate on research, study and exchange expertise in the research areas of interest. We aim to be a multidisciplinary laboratory in advanced materials that is a combination of basic research and practical applications.

The research directions of our Lab include : i) conversion of biomass into useful products (chemicals, fuels, 2D materials, hydrogen, catalyses, bio-absorbers, hydrogel, aerogels…); ii) chemistry of surface of polymers and natural fibers; iii)  development of multifunctional composites with special end-used properties (antibacterial, biodegradable, conductive, waterproof, etc.) and iv) investigating the nanostructuration of the biodegradable, renewable polymeric materials by advanced characterization methods. We are interested in studying the basic structural units that form thermoplastic polymers, focusing on Spherulite structures, the arrangement of lamellae in the crystallization process, the relationship between micro/nanostructures and mechanical, thermal and optical properties of the final products. In addition, we also attach great importance to developing smart fabrics for medical and occupational safety applications (antibacterial, antiviral, waterproof, and fireproof fabrics) using nanotechnology. We also aim to develop multi-layer batteries integrated on smart clothes to store and convert clean energy, intelligent navigation systems, and semiconductor fabric by chemical and physical surface modification methods.

For industrial partners, we always welcome them to our laboratories to exchange expertise, collaborate, development of technical solutions and develop R&D projects that could be directly applied to practical production, and/or register inventions, patents or utility solutions. We will also help our industrial partners to train talented engineers and researchers to meet their demanding needs. Currently, our laboratory has successfully cooperated with various Canadian and worldwide companies in the field of advanced materials and has achieved many wonderful results.

We always warmly welcome students and researchers from all over the world to come to Nguyen-Tri Lab to study, practice or science exchange and collaborate. We need to meet people with high motivation, having a passion for science and desire to rise and explore quite new things in life thanks to your research achievements.